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Kass Huff Life Coach Training 

"For Warriors of Wellness & Health"

This course is for Practitioners and Persons who have felt a Calling to work as a Warrior for Wellness & Health

and desire to assist others with Professional Life Coaching.

Certified Life Coach Program

New!  Earn your Certificate in 10 Training Sessions

Complete 10 Sessions, 2.5 hours with Kass plus homework. Build your business while you learn.

Pass Tests and complete program within 12 months 

to graduate and be eligible to receive Certification*  *Additional terms apply

This Course will give you the skills to work as a Professional Life Coach and embrace your Entrepreneurial Spirit,

and show off your heart of gold.  Training includes small and large business coach strategies, one on one Life Coach Training to help you help others find their inner warrior - to achieve the greatest success possible.  Strengthen your skills and learn new ways to focus and discover life and help others to discover their highest and best potential.  One on one mentorship helps ​you bring your career to the leading edge.  

Help others be the best they can be - be the best you can truly be.  Start Now. 


​​​​Kass Huff offers a Life Coach Training and Certification Course that meets or exceeds the criteria of major Life Coach Boards.  Life Coaching is a rewarding Professional career. Coaching offers rewards on many levels including personal mastery, a healthier lifestyle, continued personal achievement, and a deeper understanding of personal sacrifice and ultimately, will help you reach your goals, and receive satisfaction.  

Who can benefit by becoming a Certified Life Coach? Life Coaches help others to succeed. In doing so, receive personal fulfillment by witnessing others inspirational transformations. They inspire successful outcomes in life, business, and career.  Big business as well as small business and people on a personal level work with Coaches to help them find a higher route - a better path, resolution, solution and motivation. This class will benefit anyone desiring a career as a success driven coach. You will learn skills that will enable you to work in virtually any industry as a Professional Coach.  You will be able to work with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Industry Leaders, as well as people who want guidance on how to reach personal victories in every day life. ​In this class you will....Get the tools necessary to work as a Coach and Coach others professionally. ​Discover your own unique path, learn how to ask the questions, and change lives. Understand how to remain unwavering, and how to identify, and help others to take action for the highest good.  

The skills learned will assist you in these additional areas: public speaking, motivational coach and speaker, aligning to higher possibilities, intuitive development and awareness.  Graduates of Kass Huff Life Coach Training Receive over 100 Hours of Training including:

​One on One with Clients
Interface with Live Students
Personal Business Development
Weight Loss Challenge & Support Development
Power Coaching
Public Speaking
Large and Small Business
Referral Development
Love & Relationship
Intuitive Development
Students Receive Personal Coaching

This course will help you with your current career, business skills, listening ability, and you will learn the core principles of coaching. You'll be able to offer coaching services to others - and help change lives. You'll find the competitive edge you've been looking for, and the drive within yourself. 

Depending on demographics, and experience level - coaches earn $15-$300 per hour. My goal as in Instructor is to prepare you for your highest potential and prepare you to take your clients to theirs. You will learn skills that will prepare you to work as a coach in small business, large business's, various industries, as well as one on one life coach. 

This class offers business tools and coaching tools to bring people to the next level, operate a successful practice, generate income, make successful strides, and gain confidence in yourself.  You will learn tools that will help you to coach people in the areas of large business, small business, relationships, money, love, career, financial planning, goal achievement, health & wellness, family planning, getting your life on track, spiritual development.  Hone your expertise. Create - maintain- and sustain a lifestyle of success. 

Professional Life Coach Training takes time - we have put together a course that covers all aspects required to help you achieve your goals and succeed as a Professional. We care that you are supported, and you will have an opportunity to coach and be coached throughout the course.  There is approximately 24 hours of in person training, and 72 hours of homework qualifies you for certification and opportunity to work as a Professional Life Coach.  This course exceeds well known national organization requirements. 

Training to Support Your Life - and Help You Grow Your Career into what is was meant to be!

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100 Hour Life Coach Certification Course

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