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Awakening Psychics Group

Kass offers the Awakening Psychics Group

Awakening Psychics is a Group started by Kass Huff, Psychic Medium for the Students (of Creator) and of Kass Huff, Psychic Medium.  Where ever you are on your journey - join with others beginners and advanced who are Awakening.  We will have guest Speakers and fun topics as well. 

To Qualify - please have taken Kass's Psychic Medium Training.  If you want to join but have not taken the training contact Kass for information about the Ethics and Boundaries training portion - that is mandatory/required within 30 days of joining.    

Share together your progress, your stories, and support each other.  This group is two things 1) A membership group and you will receive continued teachings with Kass as well as others  and 2) and a support group - of Students of the Universe like yourself who are all awakening.  

The cost is $25 a month. 
You may exit the group or come back to the group at any time. 

You will be able to ask Questions to Kass and to the Group.

Kass will send you instructions on how to enter the Online Group via Email after your register. 

*Note - when you make your payment you receive 30 days of membership. (Just choose any 10 minute slot - you are joining a month of membership (not ten minutes) 

Text Your Request to Enter the Group to 253-678-8659

or Submit Your Request by Email Below

Include your name, your City, and your State in the Text
Depending on Kass's Availability Please allow 2-3 days for a response. 

Schedule Appointments Online or call (253) 212-9956