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Awakening Psychics Group

Awakening Psychics Online Forum

 Where ever you are on your journey - join with others beginners and advanced who are Awakening.  If you consider yourself Psychic - if you are having Psychic experiences - this group is for you. 

We will have guest Speakers and fun topics as well. 

Share together your progress, your stories, and support each other.  This group is two things 1) A membership group and you will receive teachings with Kass as well as others and 2) and a support group - of Students of the Universe like yourself who are all awakening.  

The cost is $25 a month
You may exit the group or come back to the group at any time. 

You will be able to ask Questions to Kass and to the Group.

*Note - when you make your payment you receive a month of membership, and the payment is recurring each month.  You can leave the group at any time, however you will not receive a refund for the month you already paid for. 

Disclaimer:  Kass Huff has the right to refuse membership to anyone for any reason at any time. 

The Group is a Confidential Forum and information provided is confidential and

members names are to be kept confidential as well. 

After you subscribe Kass will send you an invite to the group. 

By subscribing you agree to these terms.